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5 Delicious Florida Foods you can make at home

Grouper Reuben

There are a few Florida meals that leave a good lasting memory-
The Grouper Reuben you got on the fishing docks...
The amazing Crab Cakes you got at Joes...
The Grilled Spiny Lobster dinner down on the waterfront...
Or the mouth watering Cuban Sandwich at a little joint you stumbled on after a hot day in the sun...

You can recreate a little taste of your Florida vacation at home with these recipes, (until your next visit).


10 Things I like about Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island

#1: The Beaches

Anna Maria Island is our special place for vacationing on the beach while I am in Florida. These are our top 10 reasons why we like vacationing at Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island.

1. The Beaches. The sand is soft and white on Anna Maria Island. The beaches are kept cleaned of any naturally occuring debris on a regular basis by the city. The beaches are usually under populated by tourists, even on weekends and holidays.